Local Position Measurement (LPM) technology is the world's most precise sports tracking system.

The system is based on high-tec RFID-technology that is applied in a wide variety of applications. The systems consists of antennas (base stations) and transponders. The base stations are positoned around the field or track to be measured while the transponders are worn by the players or athletes.



Together, the base stations calculate the position of the transponders and consequently the position of the players or athletes. The position calculation is performed real time (live) and therefore the measured data can be analyzed even during the measurements. The position data is processed to various standard values as speed, acceleration, covered distance etc.

LPM Technology

Besides position and movement information, the LPM system measures heart rate. For this purpose, Polar hear rate belts are used. The heart rate information is also real time available.

The LPM technology has been improved through the years and has therefore become very stable and extremely precise. The relative position measurement accuracy is around 3 cm and the amount of measurements per second goes up to 1.000.

The transponders are easily carried by means of a comfortable, elastic harness. These harnesses can be washed. The transponders are charged by means of special designed docking stations. The charging time is around 3 hours and the transponders, when fully charged, last 4-5 hours.