19.09.14 Inmotio signs Vitesse Arnhem Vitesse Arnhem and Inmotiotec are starting a collaboration for the coming years using  Inmotiotec’s highly accurate measurement systems to calculate and evaluate real time performance of the Vitesse players. The physical performance of the players is being monitored in detail and the quality and comprehensiveness of the real time available data goes beyond that of GPS-technology based systems. The Inmotio System measures both fitness and tactical skills and... read more  
07.01.14 New Inmotio website online !! The new Inmotio website is on-line! A new look, more detailed information and a more logical stucture. This is the first version but more is to come! We realize ourselves that our clients are much better in explaning the use and added value of our system. Therefore we will give the floor to them in the near future. We expect more customer information on our site in the coming months. Therefore, please keep an eye on our site in the coming months! In addition there will be... read more  
24.09.13 Inmotio installs 2 new systems at FC Basel training ground read more  
04.02.13 Ajax installs performance measurement system on the Future The athletes wear a special vest with a transponder (transmitter) that the measured real-time performance through antennas at the base stations transmit. The high accuracy with which the position of the athletes is determined (+ / - 5 cm) and high sampling rate (up to 1000 times per second), the system provides highly accurate information. With this move, given the global arrests managers and yes sometimes a text just a little longer before you can make it beautiful. read more  
04.02.13 The football coach, June 2010: Coincidence exclude at FC Bayern Munich Morbi tristique iaculis Metus a Mattis. Quisque pulvinar pulvinar sem, vitae consectetur tortor operative ut. Quisque elit nisl, iaculis et facilisis in, viverra quis Lectus. Vivamus mi urna, feugiat rhoncus sed et, et ipsum fermentum. Pellentesque sapien purus, feugiat sheet ultrices sed, ultrices vestibulum justo. Vestibulum course imperdiet posuere. Sed sed sapien ultricies NIBH varius viverra. Aliquam egestas laoreet eros, gravida quis est sagittis congue. read more  
04.02.13 Physically strong South Korean team makes history Sed non eros erat, at lobortis tortor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, elit consectetur adipiscing. Sed sollicitudin aliquam course. Aenean sollicitudin Mauris tempus ligula sed suscipit varius Arcu aliquam. Aenean eros magna ut, ut tense turpis. Vestibulum ut congue augue. Fusce quam Mauris, sollicitudin eget vulputate sheet, tempus est porttitor. Etiam eu odio eget luctus auctor id purus nec urna. Phasellus id sagittis nisl. Integer sed ante neque in suscipit velit. Sed dapibus... read more  


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