The new wireless LPM solution of Inmotiotec opens the way for mobile use of the tracking system.

The new wireless LPM system does not require the use of any fiber optic cables. This simplifies the installation and deinstallation of the system substantially. The wireless system can be easily applied for temporary use, such as with training camps, practice matches or periodic tests and drills.

Mobile Inmotio System at a stadium

The system can be installed using the existing infrastructure suchs as light posts, fences or ball catchers. In case there is no exiting infrastructure available, easy to use tripods can be applied. The base stations are powered by power cables or batteries.

Wireless LPM System

The mobile system provides the same quality data as the traditional system and can also be applied indoor. It also includes the same software application and produces the same reports. Also the dome cameras can be a part of the mobile system. Players can be followed by the cameras automatically.

The set up in installation of the wireless system can be performed by the user or owner. It includes the set up of the tripods, connection of the power supplies and calibration of the system.

A trained operator is able to set up the system in 2-3 hours. The mobile system has been succesfully applied by several elite football clubs and FA's.