By providing easy to understand movement information Inmotio creates a complete image of the activity of the player. This information, that can be presented in different ways, is combined with other data, such as heart rate etc. Combined Inmotio provides precise information about the training load as well as the training response of a player. The real time aspect of the data enables the coach to adjust the training even during the session itself. By applying the easy to understand information, the coach is now able to fine tune the preparation of his players. The risk of overtraining or undertraining is limited to the minimum. Ultimately, the Inmotio system helps to improve the performance of the players and to maintain this high performance during the game. In addition Inmotio provides powerfull tooling in order to prevent injuries.

Measurement of football actions

The Inmotio System provides information that aims to give insight in the movement of the players. The club-specific or coach-specific requirements and ideas are easily supported by the system. The Inmotio system quantifies football actons as no other system can do. The article "Measuring Football" written by the Dutch football coach Raymond Verheijen provides a practical example of how football actions were measured of the players of the national Korean Football team during their preparation for the World Championships in South Africa in 2010. The football actions that are measured by the Inmotio System are user-defined in terms of speed, acceleration and several other parameters. After the required actions are defined, the system will present them in numbers, graphs and reporting. Inmotio provides several standard definitions.

Physical analysis

Football tests

The Inmotio System can also be applied to measure football tests or drills. Clubs often test their players on a regular basis in terms of sprint and agility capacities. Many different tests are available such sprints tests, shuttle/run tests etc. The Inmotio system simplies these tests to a large extend. More data is captured than with the traditonal methods and the data is stored automatically.

Stopwatches, paper notebooks, pencills etc all become dead wood. More than one player can be tested at the same time while Inmotio registers all data. The result:

  • Time savings up to 75%;
  • No pencills and forms required anymore;
  • More quantified data; next to speed, the peak speeds are measured;
  • All data is easily saved and can compared with historical data;
  • Results immediately available on the spot;
  • Several players can be measured simultaneously.