Football reports need to be short and to the point and moreover, they need to be easily understood. A proper report serves as a management tool. It enables the coach to fine-tune the training session or to monitor player progress. Inmotio provides these kinds of reports! Even more interesting is the possibility for coaches to build their own reports based on a standard database. This possibility is also offered by Inmotio!

Reports often are not universal but specifically developed for a certain user or training type. Inmotio doesn't believe in reports that consist of many pages of irrelevant data. The Inmotio System includes the unique possibility to design and develop your own reports. Every coach or club has his own ideas after all.

Inmotio offers the following options:

  1. Standard reports, designed, developed and provided by Inmotio. These reports have been developed in collaboration with our users and partners;
  2. Tailor made reports, designed, developed by Inmotio, based on the user's specifications and requirements;
  3. Tailor made reports, designed and developed by the user without the immediate support or help from Inmotio.

Football reports

The Inmotio reports are based on the use of standard types of databases, using standard tooling for report creating. Pre-defined reports are available. The daily producing of reports is easily done by just one click. These reports are immediately available at the end of the training or match.

The advantage of using your own report is the head start that you'll have with the competition. No support or help from Inmotio is required.